Hey There!

You're awesome, and I can prove it!

Pretty much everyone has seen at least one photo of themselves and thinks, 'Burn it immediately!' But you know what, that's not what you look like, I promise. You're an amazing, beautiful unicorn.

Have you ever taken a photo of something that looked so great in person and then in the photo it just... doesn't? Cameras can see, and they can take a photo, but they don't feel a thing. But your awesomeness is a feeling. That ridiculous joke you told, that tear you shed when you saw the love of your life walking down the aisle, how you and your bff decided to see if you could totally still do cartwheels (the answer? no). In those moments, you're 100% you. And trust me, you look the best you ever have.

So that's where I come in. My job is to capture those details, feelings, memories, and your awesome self. And if you're still not sure about how awesome you are, don't worry, you'll have photographic evidence.



I'm Jade. I love photography, donuts, and every fuzzy animal in existence. Photography is my passion and I'm so happy to be doing it for a living! I especially enjoy working with couples who love bright colors, appreciate the value of a good wedding cake,  and believe in everyone's right to love and be loved.


Jade Elora - LA Wedding Photographer
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"OMG! I am absolutely breathless. Your photographs somehow took my breath away and made me fall in love with my partner all over again!  These are incredible!!"

- Josh W.


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"We just looked at the photos and we were honestly BLOWN away!! There wasn’t a single photo that we didn’t like and that speaks volumes...You truly captured us!"


- Jayni T.




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