Griffith Park Engagement Shoot: Kristin + Thanh

It's pretty easy to see why these two fell in love with each other; While shooting their engagement photos in Griffith Park, I practically fell in love with them myself. It can be a challenge to feel comfortable and at-ease with someone pointing a lens at you and snapping away, but not for Kristin and Thanh.

A little kiss on the cheek always makes for a great photo. I especially love this one for his playful response. Being a little goofy can really bring personality to a shot.

The forehead kiss is another classic pose. I love that she wore a hat because it really adds to the interest of the image.

Kristin mentioned before our photoshoot that they both had each other's names tattooed on their ring fingers.


They both had a quick costume change into more "romantic" outfits. It was a great opportunity to go for a different feel.

Kristin pulled out her phone and showed me a shot of a couple laying in the grass and asked, "Can we try that?". "Of course!" This is one of my all-time favorite shots and it came from a client's creative suggestion.

They had one more outfit change for the day: a formal look. Once again, she had another great hat and it looked so dramatic. This shot was a little off-center but I just was wowed by how their chemistry came through.

As our session was almost finished, I asked if they wanted to try anything else. Their response was, almost without hesitation, an adorable piggy-back pose. I'm going to remember this one for future shoots.