Malibu Engagement Shoot: Katelyn & Brian

Winter is perfect weather for a beach shoot. That probably sounds odd, but it's true. Cloudy skies make sunsets colorful and more dramatic, the beach is less crowded, and you can get great, diffused light for portraits. When Katelyn and Brian suggested El Matador State Beach, I knew it would be a great choice.

Katelyn and Brian mentioned to me that they'd really like some sunset photos, but it wasn't quite time for sunset yet. An easy way around that was to use the reflection of the sun on the water to create the same effect.

These two brought along a lot of props, which are always a fun opportunity to get creative. Here, they wrapped themselves up in a blanket.

The shoot was going so quickly that we had some time to get creative by drawing in the sand. It took a couple tries though, because the waves kept washing it away.

El Matador beach is full of cliffs and caves, so we took a moment to explore.

As the sun finally started to set, we took advantage of the gorgeous skies for some last-minute shots. They turned out to be some of the best of the day.