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Arboretum Bridal Shoot: Ryan and Nicole

I've found my new favorite prop for gorgeous and really fun wedding photos: bubbles! I spent the day with Ryan and Nicole at the LA Arboretum playing with bubbles and goofing around. Not only was it so much fun, but the photos came out so great!


The second we brought out the bubbles, kids in the park with their families flocked over. This little girl was jumping to pop the bubbles behind us.

After the bubbles, we switched to playing around with pinwheels. I'm pretty sure all of us "adults" are just kids in grown-up bodies.

Nicole's gorgeous blush dress is by Adrianna Papell.


This homemade bouquet was made up of succulents, roses, and an arrangement of broad leaves and other red flowers. I loved how the whole look came together with the silver headpiece of jewels and pearls.

The Arboretum is definitely a favorite photo spot of mine. Between the stunning waterfall, huge ponds, and the rose garden, it's got just about every gorgeous photo spot you could imagine. 

These two had such great chemistry. They couldn't help but smile around each other.

Spring at the Arboretum means lots of colorful blooms. The purple tree in the shot above was so vibrant that standing under it gave the light a purple hue.

Arboretum Engagement Shoot: Aaron & Alma

I had the great opportunity of getting to photograph some newly engaged friends of mine, Aaron and Alma, at the LA Arboretum the other day. These two were loads of fun to work with and are so comfortable in front of a camera.

We started out in front of the Arboretum's stunning fountain, which is one of the first things you see when you walk in.


We stumbled upon a boat on the shore of the pond, which was surrounded by bright red and orange trees. They were good sports about hopping in with their fancy clothes on, and it was well worth it for the gorgeous photos we ended up with.


People really loosen up when they start having fun, which is why some of my favorite shots usually involve playful moves like one person picking the other up or doing the classic "dip".


When I went to take their photo surrounded by these yellow trees, I realized that is was much too dark to really get the photo I was going for. I had to change my idea and take a step back, letting the trees and shadows act as a natural vignette to highlight the two of them in a "spotlight".


I love how just two people's silhouettes can tell a story. This one just had so much emotion in such a simple image.

One of the best things about working with people you know is that you can ask them to try something and they'll trust you. Towards the end of our shoot, I asked Aaron and Alma to get down on the grass, and the images came out great! 

Arboretum Couple Shoot: Lache + Bayano

One of my favorite places to spot fall colors is the Arboretum in Arcadia. I had a great time meeting Lache and Bayano there to take advantage of the gorgeous changing foliage.


A lot of photographers try to avoid shooting backlit, for obvious reasons: You want your subjects' faces to be lit, not their backs. But this case, the effect led to a really beautiful photo. This particular shot reminded me of a catalog. With their personality on camera, I'd totally buy whatever these two were selling.

This is a great example of how to dress as a couple for a photoshoot: complementary shades all within a similar color family, but not too matchy-matchy.

This photo has such a great, relaxed feel, like they were having a picnic.

Another reason I love the Arboretum is this waterfall. It makes for a stunning backdrop and is surrounded by greenery year-round.