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Glinda the Good Witch Same-Sex Wedding Inspiration

Have you ever watched The Wizard of Oz and thought, you know, the Emerald City is great and all, but couldn’t it be pink instead? If so, welcome to the wedding of your dreams! Taking inspiration from everyone’s favorite bubble-traveling Oz resident, Glinda the Good Witch, this magical wedding is everything you need right now. And bonus, you don’t even have to take a tornado to get there!


This beautiful invitation suite was designed by Alexis Designs Things, as were all the paper goods. I just love all the little crown details. And of course, an Oz wedding wouldn’t be complete without the iconic yellow brick road!


One bride donned a traditional Glinda look with a gorgeous gown from Glimmerwood. The look was topped off with an ornate crown and starburst earrings (which were a subtle nod to the shape of Glinda’s magic wand).


The other bride wore a white jumpsuit and blazer set with a gold sequin top and these bejeweled Vince Camuto shoes.


Warning: If you thought these photos were giving you cuteness overload already, turn back now. Because we left out one little (fluffy) detail that we have to get to. Introducing: Penny Lane the Pomeranian, rocking her own custom pink ensemble and pearl collar for the occasion. Toto’s got nothing on this cutie!


We’ve also got to talk about this incredible, overflowing rose pink bouquet! Florally Ever After created all the gorgeous florals you see.


And what’s the next best thing to flying around in a bubble? Well, lots and lots of balloons from the incredible Balloonzilla, of course! How beautiful is this ceremony backdrop inside the historic Maxwell House?! And yes, the walls are pink!


Doesn’t this pink veil with gold lace from Julie Harris Designs work so beautifully with this dress? They were meant to be!


Okay guys, I cannot stop gushing about how beautifully this came together! Rock n’ Willow Events’ styling and planning on this was killer! The Maxwell House has tables and chairs already available for events, and with a few extra tabletop details from La Piñata Party Rentals, it was a sparkly paradise. The theme extended into pink cocktails from LA Speakeasy and custom candle favors from Gourmet Wedding Gifts (in scents like ‘Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops’ and ‘Poppy Field Dreams’).


How delightful are these cocktails garnished with real flowers, rock candy, and cotton candy! (PS. Gourmet Wedding Gifts customized these ‘hers and hers’ champagne flutes.)


This gorgeous work of art cake was created by the incredible Sweet Novelette. I’m constantly blown away by the edible sculptures she creates!


What better way to welcome guests than with personalized mini champagne bottles and the world’s yummiest stroopwafel cookies with custom quotes. (Again, from Gourmet Wedding Gifts!)


This photo (below) may be one of my favorites of any I’ve ever taken. The colors, the love, and the absolutely scandalized look on Penny Lane’s face really just make it perfect!

Another bonus about The Maxwell House, besides it being stunning: When not hosting events, it’s home to The Western Justice Center, an nonprofit that supports marginalized groups and provides anti-bullying education.


If you haven’t gotten enough sparkly goodness (and I know I haven’t!), check out this GORGEOUS video of the day from Milestones of Love!


Photography: Jade Elora Photography
Videography: Milestones of Love
Styling / Planning: Rock n’ Willow Events
Venue: The Maxwell House
Balloons: Balloonzilla
Tabletop Rentals: La Piñata Party Rentals
Cake: Sweet Novelette
Florist:  Florally Ever After
Stationery: Alexis Designs Things
Dress: Glimmerwood
Veil & Accessories:  Julie Harris Designs
Customized Favors: Gourmet Wedding Gifts
Cocktails: LA Speakeasy
Hair: Beauty By Carla
Makeup: Yanet Perla
Couple: Yanet Perla & Iliana Ortiz

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Colorful Punk Wedding in Highland Park

I've always loved color. I've also always loved punk rock and black. Growing up, my bedroom was pink and black with an entire wall plastered with band posters. That pretty much sums up my aesthetic. But for some reason, people think "punk" is synonymous with "black". Not true! This wedding is a gorgeous example of combining punk rock elements with a neon, 80s-inspired color scheme.


Studded napkin holders and matte black dinnerware plus hot pink napkins and a killer  geometric table runner perfectly merged punk and vibrant. The best part? The table runner is a simple DIY made out of just colored paper!


I'm obsessed with this invitation suite from Alexis Designs Things! 


LA Speakeasy provided on-theme colorful cocktails.


This awesome graffiti-inspired cake was created by Nicole Bakes Cakes. I love the metallic zipper details.


Upon entering, guests are greeted by this custom graffiti board with "seating card" pins that guide them to their table and double as name tags. (Plus, they're a fun little take home souvenir!)


Guests can get "inked" from this custom tattoo bar with American Traditional -inspired designs.


Can you believe she did her own hair? Autumn is a hair stylist and makeup artist so she crafted her own look, complete with "hair piercings" and a braided bridal mohawk.


Check out that ring! I love how the hidden skulls add a touch of punk rock that you only notice if you're looking closely.


A leather jacket is officially my favorite bridal accessory.


This nearby graffiti wall just happened to match their color scheme. I'm pretty sure that's fate.


And to wrap up this punk affair? Time to rock out in the York Manor's underground speakeasy where the party can last into the night!



Photography: Jade Elora Photography
Styling / Planning: Rock n’ Willow Events
Venue: The York Manor
Tabletop Rentals: La Piñata Party Rentals
Cake / Cupcakes: Nicole Bakes Cakes
Florist: The Flower Shop
Stationery: Alexis Designs Things
Hair / Makeup: Autumn Skibinski 
Couple: Autumn Skibinski and Aaron Garrett

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Wedding Photography Shoot Out!: Four Photographers Shoot the Same Couple
Four Wedding Photography Styles.png

There are a lot of jargon-y wedding photography words out there. Lifestyle. Artistic. Fine Art. Light & Airy. Dark & Moody. Vintage Disco Dinosaur. Okay, I may have made up that last one.

But the point is, nobody expects you to be a professional wedding photographer. In fact, your wedding may be the first time you've ever even considered hiring a photographer at all. So why do all these terms have to be so confusing? Well, I'm a visual learner myself, so I brought together some awesome photographers, all with very different styles, to shoot the same couple with me so that you can get a straightforward look at how different approaches and styles lead to different results. Christian Rivera of Amber Exposure came along to capture the whole thing on video, and despite my intense desire to stay behind (and never in front of) the camera, I'm excited to share with you the awesome results!

Check out the video below and keep scrolling for more insight into wedding photography style terms and what they all mean.

It was so cool to get to work with such a fun creative team on this project! Here is a little more about these photographers and what their styles are...

Liz Erban Photo - Dark & Moody Wedding Photography Style2.png

I hear the phrase "Dark and Moody" used a lot in photography, but that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. When you hear this term, people are most often talking about a certain look with muted colors and a grainy texture like that of vintage film. This style has a matte effect where whites are dimmer and sometimes appear beige or gray. Moody can sometimes refer to a more serious posing style, but tends to apply more generally to a deep, soulful vibe. Liz's style reflects more of the latter and incorporates more natural posing.

More from Liz Erban:     Website        Facebook       Instagram  


Noelle Williams Photography - Fine Art Wedding Photography Style.png

"Light and Airy" sounds like the polar opposite of "dark and moody", and in some senses it is. This style tends to have brighter whites and a lighter overall exposure, which will show up more as an editing choice than it will in the photographer's photo-taking approach. What stands out about Noelle's work in particular is her use of unique poses, unexpected angles, and creative lighting. That is the true mark of a Fine Art photographer, as their goal is to both capture the moment and create a resulting final image that feels gallery-worthy.

More from Noelle Williams:     Website        Facebook       Instagram  

Reverie Photographic - Fashion Wedding Photography Style.png

Dramatic portraiture is a unique mix of carefully crafted poses and precise lighting. In the video, you'll see JD Renes of Reverie Photographic using reflectors and light stands to control his lighting conditions for a particular effect. JD also has a strong background in Editorial/Fashion photography, which shows in his wedding work. The use of high-fashion, edgy, serious, or artistic poses for storytelling effect is a hallmark of this style.

More from Reverie Photographic:     Website        Facebook       Instagram  


Jade Elora Photography - Colorful Lifestyle Wedding Photography Style.png

So this one is me! The first part of my style is pretty easy to understand: Colorful! Unlike film or "dark and moody" styles, which tend to have more muted or subtle colors, a colorful style emphasizes bright, bold shades. Colorful photography is shown both in a vibrant, saturated editing style and in a photography approach that seeks out bold-colored backgrounds and warm light. Being a Lifestyle photographer means I give my clients some direction and styling, but with a relaxed and casual approach. Lifestyle photos should be genuine and have an unposed feel.

More from Me!:     Website         Facebook       Instagram  


A few other style terms to keep in mind:

Photojournalism/Documentary: Candid, fly-on-the-wall photography with little to no posing or styling. This style seeks to tell a honest, no-frills story much like a news piece would.

Traditional/Classic: Somewhat formal, mostly posed photography. Portraits are shot with subjects facing forward, and are sharp and either true-to-color or black and white.

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