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A Winter Portrait Shoot in the Snow

Happy 2016 everyone! I'm so excited to start another year of photographing people and the important moments in their lives!

Over the holidays, I visited family and friends in my home town of South Lake Tahoe, CA. While I was in town, I got together with my good friend Melanie for an impromptu winter-themed photoshoot and I just love how it came out.

Tahoe was experiencing a particularly cold and snowy winter, with frequent snow and daily temperatures reaching well below freezing. Melanie was such a good sport about the weather (she was probably used to it because she also grew up in Tahoe).

Tahoe got several feet of snow in the month of December. The snow was beautiful and made for great photos, but after a while shooting in the cold, I definitely longed for the warm, sunny weather of LA.

I love the coat Melanie brought along. It was her mom's warm winter coat and she said it was the warmest coat she had ever worn, which was appropriate for our chilly snow shoot (especially since she was in a skirt—brrr!).


Our friends and neighbors nearby have this great ski lift chair in their back yard, so we stopped by to get a couple quick shots with it. We had to brush snow off half of the seat, but you can see how much had accumulated by the pile of snow we left to her side.

Looking forward to a year of more exciting portrait sessions and weddings!