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San Gabriel Mission Portrait Shoot: Amy & James
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I met newlyweds Amy and James at San Gabriel mission for a truly breathtaking photoshoot. Her gorgeous red mermaid gown really stood out, and the 18th century architecture was the ideal backdrop.

This huge door appears to have once been the main entrance to the old church. It seemed like a perfect spot to stop for a photo.

Amy commented on the odd looking plant and stopped to ask if she could take a picture with it. It turned out to be such a cute moment! (And don't worry, the plant just grows that way, she was only pretending to pull it down.)

This area wasn't part of the mission, it was actually a business complex across the street, but when I came upon it I knew the arches and textured walls would be great for photos.


I adore this photo! I love to capture people's true personalities, and this shot really showed how these two bring out eachother's playful side.


It's always a good idea to get pictures as you walk back and forth between locations. This moment struck me as particularly sweet.


We ended up at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, which has dramatic architecture and a fountain out front surrounded by flowers.


These huge, turquoise vaulted ceilings at the playhouse entrance make it one of my favorite photo spots on the property.

You can always get the best out of people when you ask them to have fun and just dance with eachother.

Of course, no photo session is complete without a quick shot of the rings!

Arboretum Couple Shoot: Lache + Bayano

One of my favorite places to spot fall colors is the Arboretum in Arcadia. I had a great time meeting Lache and Bayano there to take advantage of the gorgeous changing foliage.


A lot of photographers try to avoid shooting backlit, for obvious reasons: You want your subjects' faces to be lit, not their backs. But this case, the effect led to a really beautiful photo. This particular shot reminded me of a catalog. With their personality on camera, I'd totally buy whatever these two were selling.

This is a great example of how to dress as a couple for a photoshoot: complementary shades all within a similar color family, but not too matchy-matchy.

This photo has such a great, relaxed feel, like they were having a picnic.

Another reason I love the Arboretum is this waterfall. It makes for a stunning backdrop and is surrounded by greenery year-round.