Boudoir Photography


Everything You Need to Know About Boudoir Photos


I've crafted my boudoir shoots to be ultra- female friendly. I make sure you have as many ways as possible to feel safe, at ease, and totally smokin' hot.

I'm a pretty private person. Who will be able to see my photos?
Your photos are 100% private. The gallery I share with you will be password protected and only you and I will have the password. You choose what you'd like to share and with whom.

Will you cover up my stretch marks/scars/blemishes?
Yes! I retouch every photo I deliver which means subtle touches like blemish removal and smoothing out stretch marks. If you have a birth mark or scar that you would like removed, just let me know!

I'm awkward. Will you help me pose?
Heck yes! Let's face it, unless you're a supermodel you probably don't pose in your underwear every day. But I didn't hire you, you hired me! It's my job to help you pose and make you look your best. You just be your awesome self and I'll guide you through the entire thing.

Where do we take these photos?
There are several great location options. You can use your own home, a rented hotel room, or even an outdoor location like the beach or forest. For an additional fee, we can also rent a studio space just for your shoot.

I'm a little bit nervous. How does this all work?
Being nervous is so normal! I've got your back. We'll start off by chatting, figuring out your first outfit (usually something comfy and relatively covered), and putting on some fun music. I'll give you privacy to change and, when you're all set, we'll get started. I'll guide you through different poses and we'll just chat and hang out. As we go, we'll work toward your 'sexier' outfits. If you ever want to change something, just say the word! I strive to make each shoot a safe zone where you feel free to tell me exactly what you want. Telling me "I don't want to do that pose" will not hurt my feelings, I promise.

What should I wear?
Whatever you want! There's no one way to be sexy, so to you that may be cute lingerie or maybe it's a cosplay outfit. There are no rules for what these photos should be. Most of my clients bring at least 3 outfits and I encourage bringing along accessories like shoes, jewelry, hats, scarves, etc... If you'd like help selecting outfits, just let me know and I'd be happy to help!


What's Included?

  In-Home Boudoir Photo Shoot
     Have your photos taken in the comfort of your home, at your
     rented hotel room, or even on-location outdoors

  Full Editing & Retouching
     Skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and touch ups
     included for every photo delivered

  High Resolution Digital Images
     Large, crisp photo files from your shoot are included for
     printing or sharing

  Password-Protected Online Gallery
     Receive your photos quickly and easily with private,
     password-protected delivery in an online gallery

  Print Release
     Have prints made of your photos anywhere you'd like
     or create your own photo books

+ Free Styled Boudoir Set  

Not sure your bedroom is the right fit for a boudoir shoot? Give it a makeover with my bedroom set props, including a fresh white comforter, soft pillows, white chiffon curtains, and even a headboard backdrop.

What Past Clients Say

Oh my gosh! JADE!! I cannot thank you enough. I adore them, which is incredibly rare for me.
OMG I LOVE THEM!!!!! Thank you sosososossosososossosos much!!!!! I’m in love!!


Boudoir sessions start at just $395.

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